Get Ahead of the Issue With Pre-Construction Termite Control

Discover your pre-construction treatment and pest control options in El Paso, TX

Prevent termites from getting into your new home or office with pre-construction termite control. El Paso Termite Pros will treat all areas of your home with a special solution that prevents termites from entering your space. Taking this sort of action is the best way to keep termites away for good.

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What's included in your pre-construction treatment?

What's included in your pre-construction treatment?

We’re thorough with our pre-construction treatments. You can count on us to make sure every inch of your home or office is protected. We will apply our special solution to your:

  • Soil
  • Slabs
  • Foundation
  • Wood framing

You’ll feel confident knowing that you’ve done everything you can to keep termites away from your home or office.

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